Work First

There are several ways to break through (long-term) inactivity, but the most effective approach is to offer direct employment. Preferably a regular job, but if not available it can be a subsidized or unpaid work activity.

Work First is moving gradually towards a situation where the majority of clients -even those who don’t find regular work directly- participates in a work activity. This work activity (16-24 hours per week) is mandatory and is combined with active application, trainings and (short-term) education.

 Work First is the most ambitious form of reintegration. High demands are made to the implementation. We are convinced that a mandatory work activity is especially effective when it fits in well with the appeal of clients and when they get to learn new (professional) skills.

Experience shows that a Work First approach develops through a growth model. It demands constant effort to develop through mediation, work activities, training and education.