DVA offers training for casemanagers, mediators and executives of Jobcenters, social services and providers (for profit and not-for-profit).

The training of Coach (in general or specific Workacademy) emphasises on the implementation of mediation and casemanagement based on a Work First approach with extensive input from the recipients themselves. This means asking questions instead of giving answers, listening, observing and targeted reflecting, so that the recipient knows how to find and to walk his own way. What is discussed: the philosophy of Work First, the positive guidance of recipients, assessment and diagnosis, compiling a realistic work plan, encouraging self-reliance and effective searching, active application, deployment and monitoring of work activities and other instruments. But also bonus-, absenteeism- and sanction policy, active cooperation with third parties, the possibility to facilitate recipients where necessary (assistance, transportation, child care, medical research), the organization of work, steering and reporting.

The Management-training is intended for managers within the (local) active employment market. Preferably, (part of) the training will be simultaneously given to the managers of various organizations involved within a municipality or region in the employment market (Jobcenter, provider, social service, vocational education, (mental-)healthproviders, etc.). This way the training can also be used to strengthen the local network and develop a common philosophy. Topics covered include: the design of its own variant of Work First services, preparation of a roadmap, capturing work processes, communication with the performers (working on a common philosophy), defining measurable objectives (also in a long-term plan), the organization of management information, design and practical implementation of sanctions, outsourcing or do-it-yourself, purchase of tools and contract management.