Trial Jobs

Within a Work First approach the trial job is a basic tool. The trialjob is a mandatory work activitie which can be performed while retaining social security. Sometimes recipients will receive a limited bonus, but often the  work activities are not rewarded extra.

To get a successful Work First approach it’s crucial to develop a wide and high quality range of trialjobs. The trialjobs need to be recruited and developed within the nonprofit and public sectors. In the commercial sector trialjobs are only permitted in short-term way. 

One possibility for the development and management of trialljobs is to make separate contracts with social workshops or reintegration providers. Municipalities can also choose to develop trial jobs themselves. An advantage of outsourcing is that the placements are recruited and managed on the basis of performance. It can be encouraged that 1) sufficient trial jobs are available (limited waiting time), 2) there are plenty of choices for recipients, 3) the recruited trialjobs are effectively utilized and 4) the absence is limited.